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Years before the company was established, our Founder began to dive deep into the concepts and methodologies of small business marketing. At the same time, he began to study and consider the different ways they addressed social issues. His conclusion was that both had room for improvement.
During this time, our Founder found a relatively new shift in the way small businesses could approach their customers. He saw the era of transaction-based strategies beginning to fade while an emphasis on developing value-based relationships was emerging. This modern business development approach seemed to fit well into the vision of an company with a mission to make a positive impact.
Led by an amazing team of dedicated experts in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, and Information Technology, Devellp aims to impact local communities by helping small businesses to grow and scale. Why? Well, as our Founder would say, "it's because businesses are better positioned to impact the world’s social problems than governments and charitable organizations"


Why We Exist

Our services are supported by an ethical business model. We have three bottom lines:
Profit, Partner Benefit, and Social Impact.
While profits are an important part of sustainable business growth, it's not all that matter. We believe in making the world a better place by supporting and leading initiatives that have a positive impact on social issues. Contact us if you want to explore a partnership!
We work almost exclusively with local service based companies because we believe in the importance of small business as they are at the forefront of innovation and economic stability. Small businesses are responsible for 64% of new job creation and represent roughly 95% of all companies in the United States.




Be ProfitableBe Responsible


CreatePositive Legacy

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